IAS, a provider of F&I software and aftermarket programs, announced the availability of SmartMenu Complete, a redesigned version of SmartMenu that ensures maximum speed, an efficient user interface, little or no learning curve, and F&I functionality.  

"SmartMenu Complete builds upon the architecture developed over the past eight years," said Matt Nowicki, director of IT for IAS.  "We kept the best parts of previous versions of SmartMenu and revamped everything else into a world class F&I application. Our primary design focus was improving performance, but we also added a very user friendly on-screen menu preview as well as several exciting new sales tools."   

SmartMenu Complete is a fully web-based approach, meaning there is no special software for a dealer to install. F&I managers see a real time "what you see is what you get" menu preview, showing each package payment as well as base payments and final menu previews. F&I managers can roll a payment up or down to some desired amount by clicking on any payment.  

SmartMenu Complete also includes several dynamic sales tools, including a fuel savings report and a customer specific GAP graph. The fuel savings tool pulls EPA mileage statistics from the VIN of the trade-in vehicle and purchased vehicle and then generates a report which shows the customer how much money they'll save per month on fuel. The GAP sales tool accesses projected residual values from ALG then displays a GAP graph showing the projected vehicle value compared to the customer's actual loan amortization. It highlights the dollar amounts of potential future GAP events.  

SmartMenu Complete is also the first F&I application to be certified and approved by both major DMS vendors. Compared to third party hostile integration, direct DMS integration ensures maximum reliability, speed, and security.  

SmartMenu Complete includes electronic rating, contracting, and remittance as well. Aside from every IAS product, several major VSC providers are also accessible within SmartMenu Complete.  SmartMenu Complete is available to new dealers on a first year free basis. A free, self guided demo is available at www.smartmenucomplete.com/demo.  For more information or to schedule an in person or online demonstration, contact IAS at 800-346-6469 ext. 8989.