Allstate Credit Division announced it has changed its name to Allstate Dealer Services (ADS). The change will provide ADS with a name that more accurately reflects its operations.

"The name Allstate Dealer Services reflects the transformation our business has undergone in recent years. Today, we primarily focus on providing our agencies and dealers with quality auto-centric products," said Allstate Dealer Services president Tony Wanderon.

ADS is a provider of finance and insurance products and services marketed through independent agents to auto dealers, lenders, credit unions and manufacturers. Products provided by ADS include vehicle service contracts, guaranteed asset protection, Allstate Roadservice Elite, paintless dent repair, and credit life and disability insurance. The company also provides training for finance and insurance managers that include beginner, advanced, and AFIP certification.

ADS also announced its decision to create one product marketing name for their entire product line. The CarMor name will encompass all of Allstate Dealer Services’ products and will be used on marketing materials for consumers.

“Our new product marketing name is part of our renewed focus and determination to help agencies and dealers succeed in today’s marketplace,” Wanderon said. “It’s just another tool we’ve given our customers to help them increase their profitability. We believe that these changes, in addition to our experience, technology, customer service, and compliance expertise, will give our agencies and dealers a significant advantage over their competition.”