MINNEAPOLIS — Wolters Kluwer Financial Services announced that its CompliSource solution includes the CompliTrack tool, which will help finance companies and other lenders track pending legislation affecting the financial industry.

CompliSource, which previously reported on enacted legislation only, will pair its technology with content from State Net, the industry leader in monitoring and reporting on the legislative and regulatory actions of state and federal government, to power the new CompliTrack tool.

“By providing a heads-up on pending legislation, CompliTrack helps finance companies, banks and other lenders understand and prepare for changes that could have a significant impact on their business,” said Kevin Kopp, vice president and general manager of Indirect Lending at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.

CompliSource is comprised of modules containing comprehensive information about laws governing specific areas of mortgage lending, consumer direct lending and indirect consumer finance. By adding the CompliTrack functionality, CompliSource helps alert and educate financial professionals about pending legislation that could eventually become law.

“Through this new relationship with Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, we’re able to offer CompliSource users the added benefit of accessing timely and accurate information prior to enactment,” said Justin Chapman, executive director of State Net’s Legal and Publishing Business Unit. “This will help them stay current with the latest statutory and regulatory information.”