DALLAS — Financial software solutions provider StoneEagle has announced that Warranty Solutions, a leading provider of vehicle service contracts and other F&I products, has selected SEcureCard to automate its claims management process for paying auto Dealers and repair facilities.

SEcureCard provides VSC administrators with a real-time approach for handling claim payments, eliminating the manual reconciliation processes that normally take claims departments an average of five to seven days to resolve. SEcureCard's automated claim reconciliation feature will replace Warranty Solutions’ need to issue checks or traditional corporate credit cards when paying claims, according to the companies.

"The benefits that SEcureCard has created for Warranty Solutions and our customers are numerous," said Jon Wilmot, vice president of operations for Warranty Solutions. "Most notably, customers no longer have to call to receive credit card information saving them time and speeding up payment."

"SEcureCard eliminates overcharges and fraudulent activity associated with paying claims," said Bobby Allen, CEO of StoneEagle. "By implementing this program, Warranty Solutions has substantially reduced processing costs involved with payment issues and the time and labor associated with reconciling transactions. Warranty Solutions is among other leading service contract administrators who have been able to accelerate service to their client base and simplify their entire claims payment process with SEcureCard."