WASHINGTON — The National Automobile Dealers Association will conduct a briefing at its legislative offices to discuss California's application for an Environmental Protection Agency waiver that would allow that state to set its own fuel economy standards. The briefing will be held this Wednesday, March 4 at 10 a.m., one day before a hearing at which the California Air Resources Board will present its case to the EPA.

NADA characterized the briefing as a "for background-only" session. The following items are on their agenda:

• Why CARB's regulation creates a 'patchwork' regime

• The fairness of CARB's exemption policy, which exempts over a

dozen global automakers

• CARB's cross border sales loophole

• CARB's SUV loophole

• How CARB's regulation hurts consumers and auto dealers, while not improving the environment

• The curious case of Martens Cars of Washington

NADA's legislative offices are located at 412 First St. SE, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20003. Seating is limited and refreshments will be provided. Interested parties can contact Bailey Wood, NADA Legislative Affairs, at (202) 547-5500 or (202)

557-1674 (mobile) for more information.