FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — Mercedes-Benz Financial has named Manheim Riverside and ADESA Golden Gate as its top auction locations for 2008, with 6,714 units sold and 3,901 units sold, respectively. This is the fourth consecutive year that Manheim Riverside has won this award.

The Auction of the Year is awarded to the top location for each auction company, Manheim and ADESA. The award identifies superior performance based on various metrics including cycle times, service level, buyer attendance and retention.

“We extend our congratulations once again in recognizing Manheim Riverside and ADESA Golden Gate as our top performing auctions by vendor for 2008,” said Horacio Trujillo, national remarketing operations manager of Mercedes-Benz Financial. “A special thanks to the general managers at each location and their entire teams. Despite the economic challenges in California, these locations continue to play a key role for us and remain valuable partners in helping us manage our on-line and in-lane strategies.”

Both Scott Hurst, general manager of Manheim Riverside, and Gary Mobley, general manager of ADESA Golden Gate, point out the hard work and dedication of their teams as well as a solid working relationship with Mercedes-Benz Financial as the key reasons for winning this award.

“The Manheim Riverside team works hard every day to deliver the best auction experience possible for our customers,” said Hurst. “Building a successful relationship takes teamwork, commitment and an understanding of your customer’s goals and objectives. Receiving this award for the fourth consecutive year demonstrates our dedication to helping Mercedes-Benz Financial succeed.”

“Everyone at ADESA Golden Gate is very proud and honored to be recognized by such a high profile business partner as Mercedes-Benz Financial,” said Mobley. “The hard work and dedication by our auction team, including our in-house Mercedes-Benz Financial team, is a testament to what hard work can accomplish.”

Members of Mercedes-Benz Financial’s Fort Worth-based Remarketing Team will present trophies to both Manheim Riverside and ADESA Golden Gate this month at the 2008 Auction Awards Dinners in California.