WEST CHESTER Pa. – Amidst a growing concern about the effects of protective vehicle paint chemicals and the long term effects of vehicle cleaning products on our waterways and environment, Paradigm Automotive has found a small solution with the Nano Force Field product.

The nanotechnology in Nano Force Field provides an environmentally friendly alternative to caustic sealants used to protect a vehicles clear coat, while reducing the need for vehicle cleaning products over the long haul.

The product is applied to protect a vehicle’s glass, paint and interior, and will repel most damaging industrial and environmental elements. The product is insured for five years with an A-rated insurance carrier against exterior environmental damage and common interior stains.

“Paradigm Automotive, through its national automotive dealer and distributor network, is intent on protecting vehicles in a much more environmentally friendly way,” said Rob Volatile, co-founder and CEO of Paradigm Automotive.

The company partnered with 386 Nanotech, a Florida-based company that has manufactured a wide array of nanotechnology applications, to create Nano Force Field.

“The Force Field program solves many time consuming application problems at a dealership, is simple to deal with, and ultimately reduces the need for acid and other caustic cleaning products after the customer takes it home. Coupled with an a-rated insurance company, dealer participation, and superior customer coverage, the Nano Force Field Program allows F&I the ability to sell “green” for the first time ever.”

Beyond the specific consumer insurance coverage, key features of the Nano Force Field Program include paperless ordering, brochure and presentation, policy and remittance solution with data scrape. There are no upfront product and shipping costs, and no long-term contracts for dealers.