ORLANDO, Fla. — Live chat provider ActivEngage and online video services developer AutoMotion have partnered to provide online test drives and video search engine optimization services to auto dealers.

The strategic alliance follows the companies' recent launch of ActivTestDrive, a project that combined live chat and short vehicle video test drives.

“With the success of our work together on ActivTestDrive, we decided to explore more ways to partner and deliver an enhanced customer experience on the dealership Website," said Ben Anderson, AutoMotion's president. "Incorporating video and live chat is just one way to create a more dynamic, real-time interaction between the dealership and the customer. We’re also working with video and email, and expanding video SEO to increase search rankings to drive more dealership Web traffic.”

The goal of the alliance is to incorporate AutoMotion’s leading-edge video content into channels designed to establish a more interactive online experience between dealers and potential buyers. The companies hope to provide a satisfying online shopping experience and, ultimately, increased lead generation and sales.

"AutoMotion marketing tools are designed to excite, inform and motivate car buyers," said Ted Rubin, co-founder of ActivEngage. "We’re really thrilled about partnering with Ben and his team to bring our dealers the best vehicle video content, whether it’s incorporated with live chat at the dealership website, included in e-mail, or any other communication channel to enrich the consumer experience and help dealers be more successful. ... This strategic alliance will help ensure that our dealers stay ahead of the curve."