ORLANDO, Fla. — MenuVantage, a Web-based menu provider, today announced record company growth for the first quarter of 2009 with the addition of four premier dealer groups to its nationwide network.

MenuVantage added the Bob Rohrman Auto Group, ranked number 22 on the list of top 125 dealership groups in the United States, Kenny Ross Automotive Group, ranked number 92, Cochran Automotive, ranked number 83, and the Bill Marsh Automotive Group, one of the most innovative and well known dealer groups in the country.

“MenuVantage helps dealers produce the extra profit that is so badly needed in today’s economy. Dealers using our software on average see $903 per unit compared to $633 per unit without the system – a 30 percent increase in revenue,” commented Phillip Battista, MenuVantage Co-CEO. “Moving forward we will continue to grow by adding dealerships and providers, as well as complementary products and services.”

MenuVantage attributes its success to its technology, such as the Provider Exchange Network (PEN), which streamlines the F&I process by providing auto dealers with direct integration to over 60 providers. PEN enables electronic signature and e-contracting for any provider’s entire set of F&I products.

As well MenuVantage has formed key strategic partners and is the exclusive F&I menu selling software platform for ADP under the W.E.B.Menu brand, for GMAC under the IntelliMenu brand and for American Financial Automotive Services under the MasterMenu brand.

MenuVantage has also branched out from the F&I office and taken its menu selling software into the service lane. ServiceMenu is a web-based dynamic sales tool that integrates with major Dealer Management System (DMS) providers for a seamless service transaction and gives auto dealerships a way to increase product sales in the service drive.

The recent addition of Electronic Signature through the new MenuVantage platform streamlines the entire process in the service drive. Dealers can now submit consumer service contracts electronically, right from the service drive, reduce errors in contracting and significantly reduce the amount of time spent executing the contract. The Bob Rohrman Auto Group and Kenny Ross Automotive Group have both chosen to add ServiceMenu as well as MenuVantage’s F&I menu solution.

According to Battista, with the current automotive retail climate, sales of ServiceMenu are at an all time high. “ServiceMenu dealers are creating huge profits in the service lane through the selling of F&I products. As a result, sales ofServiceMenu are exploding!” said Battista.

MenuVantage has seen a strong increase in market presence and currently processes more than 100,000 deals per month for over 18,000 users at automotive dealerships in all 50 states nationwide as well as Puerto Rico and Canada.