LEVITTOWN, N.Y. — Parayil & Mann Dealer Services Inc. (PMDS), a retail automotive consulting and technology provider, today announced the release of TrueCall Plus, an advanced customer call capture solution for DealerUps customer relationship management system (CRM) users.

TrueCall Plus is an enhanced version of TrueCall, the company’s popular suite of customer call capture tools that improve phone lead performance, increases sales force productivity and help dealers measure the success of their advertising campaigns. New TrueCall Plus features include mobile phone integration, pre-recorded message blasts, and click-to-call functionality. TrueCall Plus is available both as an add-on module for DealerUps, PMDS’ state-of-the-art CRM system, and as a standalone solution.

“TrueCall Plus is a complete turnkey call recording and tracking solution that allows dealers to manage calls from any telephone, wireless or cellular device,” said Stanley Parayil Thomas, chief executive officer of PMDS. “It gives sales representatives total control over phone leads wherever they’re at — in the office, on the lot or working from home.”

TrueCall Plus uses advanced call capture technology to track and record detailed information on all inbound and outbound customer calls. With TrueCall Plus, dealers can create audio recordings of each outbound call, which can be used to monitor salesperson performance and improve results. TrueCall Plus also comes with a built in auto dialer so that users never have to log out of the system to make a call. Dealers can generate over 200 detailed reports to monitor and measure results on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

New features of the fully upgraded application include:

Mobile Phone Integration – Allows salespeople to manage their tasks and calls from any wireless or cellular device. Every action is automatically recorded and logged in the dealer’s CRM as part of the customer’s record.

Personal Message Blasts – Automatically sends pre-recorded calls to user defined prospect and customer databases of up to 10,000 people. Multiple messages can be stored for repeat use in a digital library. Includes special text-to-voice application to create messages.

Instant Phone Connect – Lets customers request an immediate call back from the dealership with one click on the dealer’s Web site, or through a code embedded in a lead form. Automatically connects hot sales and service prospects to the dealership by phone within 10 seconds.

TrueCall Plus is easy to install, with no additional hardware required. All inbound and outbound call data is logged in real time directly into the dealership’s CRM and customer’s record. TrueCall and TrueCall Plus are built on InteractiveTel’s telephony platform. InteractiveTel is a provider of interactive telecommunications solutions.