TORRANCE, Calif. — Alpine Electronics of America Inc. has created a new expeditor distribution channel aimed at servicing automotive dealers. Aside from creating a select network of expeditors, the program will provide dealers with in-dealership marketing materials to promote Alpine’s mobile electronics products.

As a part of Alpine’s expeditor program, the company will offer sales support tools including car dealership displays, consumer brochures and artwork CDs for expeditors or car dealers to create their own advertising materials. The CDs include product photos and customizable templates for handouts and car window stickers/clings. Alpine also will offer a training DVD for expeditors to explain the IVA-NAV-1 and train the car dealership staff.

Alpine is making several other products available to the expeditor channel to meet the needs of today’s new and used car buyers. These products include add-on audio sources for iPod connectivity, HD Radio and satellite radio, rear-seat entertainment systems, driver-assist equipment and portable navigation units.

The first product available is the IVA-NAV-1, a car dealer-specific all-in-one audio, video, navigation, Bluetooth-enabled unit. The IVA-NAV-1 offers drivers’ a 6.5-inch QVGA touch-screen control over a variety of digital media sources, such as satellite radio, HD radio and iPod, plus Bluetooth hands-free connectivity and GPS navigation. (Separate adapters, tuner boxes and service subscriptions required.)

The IVA-NAV-1 comes with a three-year warranty. Expeditors who wish to learn more about offering Alpine products in their lineup can call Alpine’s national sales department at (310) 326-8000, ext. 867019.