XENIA, Ohio — Nationwide Biweekly Administration (NBA), a nationwide administrator for weekly and bi-weekly programs, launched its Bi-weekly Auto Payment service for car dealerships and consumers.

Through the NBA Website, www.biweeklyautoprogram.com, dealers now have access to lucrative programs, user-friendly functionality, and robust online reporting, which makes it easy for dealerships to increase revenue, profits and add-on sales.

“We’ve been a leader in bi-weekly administration for years, helping people with all kinds of loans including car payments,” stated Dan Lipsky, president of NBA. “The launch of the Bi-weekly Auto Payment program is a natural and powerful extension of what we already do so well.”

Now, dealers can use the Bi-weekly Auto program to help consumers purchase add-ons, reduce the length of their loan, or afford a more expensive car. But they also have access to NBA’s Interest Minimizer, which allows them to save tens of thousands of dollars in interest charges on mortgages, equity lines, student loans and even credit card debt.

The Bi-weekly Auto Payment program has 10 features that give it a competitive advantage over other auto programs. These include:

1. Paperless enrollment via digital web signature

2. Higher enrollment commissions for dealers and managers

3. Multiple enrollment commissions per customer

4. Customers can enroll non-auto loans like mortgages, equity lines, credit card debt

5. Enhanced customer video for dealer use

6. Bi-weekly remittance to lenders, whereas our competitors remit monthly

7. Registered with FINCEN as a Money Transmitter

8. 120 employees at US-based call center

9. Dedicated dealership response team for faster, more professional response

10. Best local dealer service from most experienced, responsive field representatives in the industry

To ensure a great dealer experience and the highest levels of customer service, NBA partnered with the Ross Group to design, develop and deploy a web-based application that offers auto dealers easy and instant access to enroll their customers in the Bi-weekly Auto Payment program. It utilizes custom designed tools and technology giving dealers online access to a payment calculator, savings analysis, enrollment and administration, interface to internal and external systems, consumer video, commission payments , and r eports and tracking in real-time.

In addition, NBA’s Bi-weekly Auto Payment program is integrated with DMS providers Reynolds & Reynolds and DealerTrack. “We want to make it easy to do business with us,” said Dan Lipsky, “But more importantly, we want it to be easy for dealers to generate more revenue, higher profits and better margins. We’ve succeeded in delivering the most comprehensive bi-weekly auto payment program ever. Our mission is to help millions save billons.”