FORT WORTH, Texas — The National Automotive

Finance (NAF) Association has released the first details of its 13th Annual Non-Prime Auto Finance Conference, to be held June 3–5, 2009 in Fort Worth.

Conference attendees will have several issues to address. The auto ABS market is only nominally performing and industry

financing sources are struggling to fund their operations. Auto dealers

are facing more stringent credit underwriting guidelines. The banking system is

in disarray with minimal levels of credit flowing. Two of the domestic

manufactures teeter on bankruptcy.

The NAF Association hopes to address these

challenges by planning conference sessions that will either enlighten or provide

solutions. Informed views of the industry and where it is headed are provided

by J.D. Powers and Associates, Standard & Poors, National Automobile

Dealers Association, Manheim, and a panel of CEOs from institutions that still

are providing non-prime financing.

Practical solutions are

provided in sessions on new technology being used in collections and a panel

that addresses operational issues. A unique session on stress testing an

institution's risk management approach is also provided.

The conference will not make

the problems go away but attendees will go away better informed about the future

of the industry and in possession of knowledge to better address portfolio

management concerns.

To view the conference

program, click here. To register for the conference, click here.