BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada — On the heels of its recent enhancements to QMenus and Q-GPS, Quantech announced new updates for its Q-F&I and Q-GPS software.

The majority of the Q-F&I enhancements are to its built-in menu system and integration with Q-GPS. Menu enhancements include the ability to show individual product pricing in a menu group, increased cash menu options and menu auto-sizing.

“These menu advancements make Q-F&I even more effective in the business office,” says Mike Martin, general manager of Quantech.

Enhancements to Q-GPS, Quantech’s CRM and lead management solution provide more learning tools as well as features that increase user efficiency. “A fully indexed and integrated Help file combined with 17 short training videos give users assistance that’s only a mouse-click away when they need it most,” says Martin.

Checkmarks on Trades and Campaigns buttons show when trades have been entered or follow-up campaigns have been applied to an opportunity or customer file. “Users can see at a glance what would have previously required a mouse-click and a second or two wait,” explains Martin.

Other user-enhancements include an updated trade appraisal form, easier access to historical information, and the ability to quickly convert a customer file from after-sales follow-up to active sales prospect. “The ability to quickly turn a follow-up activity on a unit that was previously sold into a new selling opportunity follows a natural sales flow, making a sales person’s job much easier,” says Martin.

GPS reporting has also been improved – a new alert function can send managers an email whenever a sale is handed off to the business office. Other reports show conversion rates for past customers or what the last stage was before an opportunity was marked as lost.

“We want to provide reporting tools in formats that suit the way managers work – often that’s by email and Blackberry. Our alerts and text-based reports do that,” says Martin. “As a manager myself, I like how the “Last Stage Before Lost” report can tell me exactly where my sales staff need help. What a great training tool!”

These updates are the third set of product enhancements announced by Quantech in less than four months. “The last couple of quarters have been tough for a lot of dealerships,” says Jack Pyck, owner of Quantech Software. “We’ve done a lot of work on our products to make sure that when the industry comes out of this down-turn we’ll be ready to take advantage of it,” he adds.

New Quantech customers will automatically receive the latest versions of all Quantech products. Existing customers may receive updates at no charge.