LOS ANGELES (May 18, 2009) – Leading online auto retailer CarsDirect is preparing to celebrate its tenth year in business. Launched in May of 1999, CarsDirect was the first third-party provider to sell vehicles directly to consumers at an up-front, guaranteed price.

In the decade since, CarsDirect has served more than 10 million customers, launched a Used Channel and connected with several enthusiast sites, among other highlights. In 2002, CarsDirect was named one of Time magazine's "50 Best Websites in the World."

"Ten years as a successful online business is a rare milestone, and one that we’re extremely proud of," said Ken Potter, vice president and general manager of automotive sales and industry relations at CarsDirect. "Our top priority is our customers. We’ve put a lot of resources into upholding our commitment to superior customer service, up-front pricing, and ease of use — and we hope to continue doing so for decades to come."