PACOIMA, Calif. — MOC Products Company Inc. (MOC), a provider of products and technology solutions to the new-car dealership industry, announced the release of its Ecotrac line of GPS-based tracking and stolen-vehicle recovery (SVR) products. 

Based on GPS tracking technology and products provided by CalAmp Corp., the Ecotrac ECO3000 offers a complete vehicle tracking and monitoring solution for new and used cars, trucks and recreational vehicles. ECO3000 has a variety of applications, including personal/teen car tracking, vehicle maintenance, fleet, law enforcement and public works.

Based on CalAmp’s GPS tracker technology and hosted Web-based application software, the ECO3000 can accurately determine the location of a vehicle in most garages, parking structures, canyons and areas too difficult for other devices. Easily managed by anyone with Internet access, the Ecotrac Website enables real-time control and remote location information needed for users to make quick, informed decisions about their vehicles. With internal antennas and a quick-connect harness, the device can easily be installed in a covert location in minutes, leaving no indication to thieves that a vehicle is protected.

Additional features and benefits of the ECO3000 include:

· All system features and information can be viewed and controlled by the user via the Internet. Unlike other SVR systems, users are not forced to rely on a third party to track their vehicle.

· View vehicle location online at any time via detailed maps and satellite views. Details include direction, street address and speed.

· Speed, Movement and “Geofence” Alerts allow users to set limits on how and where a vehicle is driven, and receive notifications if a breach occurs.

· The ability to control existing vehicle electronic systems such as door locks and starter interrupt.

· The flexibility to set, view or change settings by phone or online.

· The convenience of receiving notifications via email, text message or phone whenever an alert is triggered. Unlike some other SVR systems, Ecotrac does not require a user to visually determine if their vehicle has been moved.

· The ability to schedule actions in the future with an easy-to-use scheduling feature.

· Complete coverage in the U.S. and most areas in Mexico and Canada.

. Coverage is not limited to certain cities or states as is the case with other SVR systems.

· Over-the-air programmable and upgradeable.

· Internal antenna design helps prevent tampering with signals or the device which is possible with systems that utilize external antennas.

The Ecotrac product is now available to consumers through new and used car dealerships in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The sale price will include all hardware, the first year of activation and 250 “credits” for system usage. Renewal plans and additional credits can be purchased online when needed.

“Ecotrac offers features, capability and technology that far surpass those of SRV and tracking systems currently being sold to consumers,” said Eric Berg, MOC’s vice president of operations. “MOC believes that car buyers will embrace Ecotrac’s easy-to-use features and find them useful, not only for periodic vehicle tracking but, many day-to-day needs. The consumer and business applications are endless. Whether you’re a parent needing to monitor your teenager’s driving habits or a fleet manager ensuring your delivery truck is on schedule, Ecotrac has the answer.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with MOC on this venture.” said Mike Zachan, vice president and general manager of CalAmp’s Aercept unit. “MOC’s well-established channel relationships and outstanding reputation in the new-car market make it an ideal partner for delivering our advanced vehicle tracking solutions to the consumer market.