SYRACUSE, N.Y. — XpressCredit has formed a new lender relationship with Pinnacle Financial Group of Bethesda, Md. Pinnacle Financial has become a user of XpressCredit’s patent-pending Loan Origination System (LOS), as well as utilizing the powerful new FacTrack Identity Verification Tool.

“Pinnacle Financial Group is a premier auto lender. With the integrated financial tools and FacTrack system the XpressCredit platform provides, they will realize significant benefits regarding cost savings and streamlined processes. The services that Pinnacle offers auto dealers are in demand in today’s market, and we’re pleased to help them service more customers,” said Mark Louer, XpressCredit executive vice president.

"Our integration with XpressCredit will speed our decision process, thereby growing loan volume and accelerating the growth of our company," said Rob Carter, credit manager of Pinnacle Financial. "The XpressCredit partnership has added great value to our business."