LONG BEACH, Calif. — Alliance Inspection Management Inc. (AiM) struck an agreement with Ford Motor Credit Company to takeover floorplan audits at dealerships with wholesale financing from the captive lender. The vehicle inspection company will also conduct lease-end inspections of vehicles financed by the captive finance company. Ford Credit employees previously handled these functions.

As part of the agreement, approximately 110 current Ford Credit employees will be offered fulltime positions with AiM later this summer. The influx of new workers will increase AiM's total number of employees to more than 625. Both current AiM employees and the new hires will be cross-trained to work on all AiM accounts.

"We are very pleased that Ford Credit has selected AiM for these very important activities," said Jim Yates, president & CEO, AiM. "They align nicely with our existing business and give us the unique opportunity to add experienced employees who will make AiM stronger for all of our clients." Ford Credit's employees will be merged into the overall AiM workforce along with the culture they'll bring from their Ford experience. AiM management believes both groups can learn from each other and make the combined workforce smarter, more efficient and more capable.

"Our vision for AiM is to be an industry-wide partnership that allows all of our customers and partners to better manage their portfolios as positive contributors to bottom line profits," said Yates.

AiM has conducted more than 50-million vehicle inspections since it was founded in 2005.