PORTLAND, Ore. — Chrome Systems Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings Inc. and a software and automotive data provider, today announced the launch of ALG Smart Buyer Pricing, which provides actual prices new vehicles are selling for on a regional and local basis.

The new solution is driven by transactional data, regional information, and rebate and incentive data provided by Chrome's sister company, Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) Inc. and is meant to represent the discount a consumer can expect to receive off total MSRP for any given new vehicle after an average amount of negotiation, including all cash incentives and other non-finance discounts provided by the dealer.

ALG Smart Buyer Pricing can be used by automotive portals and other sites publishing automotive research as an online consumer-facing market value tool to help buyers make the best purchasing decisions. It features monthly data updates to ensure up-to-date and accurate information, including two-year rolling coverage of the most recent model year and the one immediately preceding it.

"We're proud to deliver powerful market intelligence to our automotive retailing clients and the real-world pricing information consumers need, especially in the current economy," said Pete Batten, general manager of Chrome Systems. "ALG Smart Buyer Pricing is unique because it is supported by ALG, one of the industry's most trusted data providers."