NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas — Triad Financial and Windsor

Group have formed a partnership to help grow Triad’s third-party servicing

business, which supports finance companies, banks, investors and auto dealers.


a leading skip trace and repossession management provider, will drive Triad’s

marketing, sales and client relations efforts. Meanwhile, Triad will focus on

its core strength of delivering superior portfolio management to clients.

“For several years, I’ve worked with Windsor Group and its

leaders on other projects. So I know firsthand that they run their business

with integrity and passion, especially when it comes to client relationships,”

says Scott France, Triad’s senior vice president of portfolio management. “As a

successful skip and repo management provider, Windsor also brings top-notch sales and

marketing expertise to the table. I look forward to the fruits of this

partnership as Triad paves its future in third-party servicing.”

Cliff McCrary, chief executive officer of Windsor Group,

says Windsor’s

alliance with Triad offers the perfect opportunity for both companies to

leverage their strengths. “I’m impressed with Triad’s unique perspective in

this industry,” he says. “They appreciate clients’ needs in a personal way —

because, as a former lender, Triad was once in their clients’ shoes. I believe

that experience makes them a more effective loan servicer.”

McCrary and his team will first market Triad’s customized

servicing solutions to Windsor’s

current clients, many of whom would benefit from Triad’s full menu of services.

Windsor will

also approach start-up finance companies, large banks, investors/debt buyers

and auto dealers who finance their own loans.