FORT WAYNE, Ind. — The VisionMenu Inc. released a private-label software package to agents who provide services to automotive and powersports dealerships.

The private label option will allow agents to bring a high quality menu, desking, or reporting tool to their dealers with their own Web-design and logo. Stoneeagle’s SEintegration will facilitate full integration to most DMS providers, and VisionMenu will apply easy intelligent mapping. This unique mapping process allows the user to map a field themselves, which corrects that mapping error and any error prior and subsequent to it.

”We have always thought agents could better position their company’s services and products with their own menu identity,” said Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu Inc. “Our platform allows for any agency to easily have a look and feel that will brand them better in their marketplace than many other agents. Separating yourself from your competitor is important now more than ever, and offering the best product for the price is crucial to being successful in today’s environment.”