JACKSON, Tenn. — Tom Gray of F&I Re-Marketing Solutions introduces the Second Chance Program, a solution available at no cost to dealers to help them recapture revenues lost when their customers initially decline to purchase an extended service agreement.

“Roughly 65 percent of those who purchase a vehicle from a dealership choose not to buy the service contract at that time,” said Gray. “This amounts to thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands of dollars in income that is not only lost to the dealer, but is being pursued aggressively by ‘pirate’ marketing companies who attempt to seize these contracts under false colors — sometimes fraudulently using the dealership’s name to gain its customers’ trust.”

The Second Chance Program takes a dealership’s customer records, then screens, processes and follows through with carefully targeted customer contacts. The program relieves the dealership of the need to commit its own time, equipment, material, and manpower costs to this profitable chore.

Since the program is funded by a percentage of the new service contracts its efforts bring in for the dealership, there is no fee or cost to the dealer. 

“It’s a triple-win situation for dealers,” said Gray. “It involves no cost or risk for them whatsoever; yet all successful contract fulfillments delivered by the program bring with them all the usual dealer benefits — like additional income from the contract purchase, better CSI, better customer loyalty, more service and parts revenue, and increased traffic that leads to potential new vehicle sales.”

The Second Chance Program puts direct marketing industry professionals to work for dealers using proven techniques that have built an unparalleled six-year track record, carried them into a strong leadership position in the private labeled direct-to-consumer service contract marketing program arena, and attracted a growing clientele including more than 500 of the nation’s largest auto dealers to utilize and profit from their services.

To learn more about the program, visit www.fandiremarketing.com or call (731) 256-0644.