September 8, 2009 — As a result of discussions late last week, all of the dealer groups have united behind a common proposal to restore dealer rights.

The National Automobile Dealers Association, along with the ATAE (the organization that represents automotive trade association executives), NAMAD (National Association of Minority Automotive Dealers) and CRDR (the Committee to Restore Dealer Rights) have put forth a proposal aimed at accomplishing two goals:

1. A transparent process that offers a realistic opportunity for reinstatement.
2. Fair and proper financial compensation for the affected dealers who are not reinstated.

“We are encouraged by the fact that our Congressional supporters are aggressively seeking the meetings necessary to resolve this issue in a way that protects dealer rights with or without legislation,” says NADA’s Vice President of Legislative Affairs David Regan. “This is a positive development; it strengthens our position in Washington going forward,” Regan added.

This is one of the many critical issues facing dealers as the NADA leadership gathers for their annual Washington Legislative Conference next week.