NEW YORK — Software provider DealerTrack Holdings Inc. selected Stein Rogan + Partners to develop an integrated advertising campaign to build awareness and generate demand for the DealerTrack Performance Suite.

Provider of the industry-leading online credit application solution, DealerTrack is launching the campaign to increase awareness of its comprehensive range of dealer solutions, which include the DealerTrack DMS (dealer management system), sales and F&I solutions, inventory optimization and compliance.

Tom Stein, CEO and chief creative officer of Stein Rogan, states, “In today’s market, dealers need a broader set of low-cost, high-value software tools to drive top- and bottom-line performance. Given lower consumer demand, especially for new vehicles, dealers need every aspect of their business to perform optimally in order to be successful.”

“Dealers are under enormous pressure,” says Mark Brown, vice president of marketing for DealerTrack. “The rules of automotive retailing have been rewritten over the past two years. Economic change, manufacturer change and regulatory change all create an immediate need for more and better tools to enable efficiency, productivity and performance.”

In response, Stein Rogan is launching a campaign for the DealerTrack Performance Suite titled, “New Rules. Better Tools.” Launching across online and print venues, the campaign lays out the “New Rules” that dealers are playing by today and the “Better Tools” that enable dealers to play and win.

Stein Rogan has turned one such rule into the headline “Your DMS shouldn’t cost you an arm, a leg and your soul.” The headline specifically refers to the fact that last-generation dealer management systems are very costly at a time of market retrenchment, and also come with extremely restrictive long-term contracts. In contrast, the DealerTrack DMS, one of four software solutions that comprise its Performance Suite, can save dealers up to 70 percent without vendor lock-in or long-term contracts.

“DealerTrack is very focused on supporting dealers during this economic downturn and beyond with efficient and effective solutions,” states Brown. “By launching the ‘New Rules. Better Tools’ campaign, we are making a clear statement that DealerTrack ‘gets it’ – that we offer the kind of high-value solutions dealers need today and will need tomorrow to persevere and perform.”