Starting Thursday, Oct. 1, GMAC Financial Services will begin rewarding loyal General Motors and Chrysler dealers with cash, remarketing services and other perks.

Named after its renamed consumer banking unit, Ally Bank, Ally Dealer Rewards will recognize dealers who consistently use the company’s comprehensive suite of products and services, including its new and used retail financing, wholesale financing, insurance products, such as the General Motors Protection Plan, and remarketing services.

Company spokeswoman Sue Mallino said the program, which will be administered by GMAC Financial Services, will allow dealers to earn rewards for reaching certain thresholds on any of the company’s products and services. Dealers can achieve even greater rewards for utilization across the company’s full-spectrum of services and products.

Mallino added that the program will soon be expanded to Canada.

“We think it’s a positive program for dealers,” she said, adding that the rewards program, which is available to both small and large dealers, will be calculated on a combination of penetration and volume-based targets. “Generally, the program is intended to be a boost to auto dealers, as it’s intended to recognize dealers who do a volume of business with GMAC.”

Thirty-five percent of the GMAC Financial Services is held by the U.S. Treasury, with a smaller stake of the company held by GM and Cerberus Capital Management LP.