SWEDESBORO, N.J. — The DataCube, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, formed a partnership with software provider DealerTrack, and created the integrated solution, OpenTrack, software which interfaces with the DealerTrack Dealer Management System (DMS).

Using its OpenTrack integration solution, DealerTrack will provide The DataCube with seamless, secure integration and real-time, bi-directional access to data in the DealerTrack's Arkona DMS.

“Utilizing The DataCube and its OpenTrack integration, we now can explore real-time inventory integration from the DMS to consumer-facing Web sites such as XIGroup, Dealerskins or Dealer Specialties,” said Glen Garvin, group general manager, Dominion Dealer Solutions. “This is a win-win for dealers, giving dealers the flexibility to use best-in-class solutions, while providing third-party vendors such as The DataCube with secure, bi-directional integration.”

The DataCube provides a software solution for companies that assist dealers in marketing and utilizing their DMS data.

“With OpenTrack, we are truly delivering on our promise to the marketplace that the DealerTrack DMS is an open and cost-effective platform,” said Raj Sundaram, senior vice president, solutions and services group at DealerTrack.