OAKBROOK, Ill. — Automotive dealers now have the ability to better manage their used vehicle end-to-end processes with the release of vAuto’s LifeCycle Manager.

This program provides dealers with the ability to track all processes from the moment of acquisition to time of sale. Working from a central dashboard, dealers can analyze each car to proactively correct any delays or process gaps. Dealers can examine time through reconditioning, time through service, time through generating descriptions and uploading photos as well as a multitude of additional dealership specific milestones.

“With increased pressure on margins, the need to manage used vehicle time-to-market is greater than ever,” said Keith Jezek, vAuto’s president and CEO. “Our LifeCycle Manager provides a detailed view into a used car’s progress through many varied processes, all of which are critical to turn and ultimately the bottom line.”

“We’ve been tracking our processes manually for years,” says Andrew Wright, Lehigh Valley Honda in Pennsylvania. “This new functionality from vAuto saves us hours of time and provides us with data that we were unable to effectively measure before. This translates into improved turn and increased profits.”

In addition to LifeCycle Manager, vAuto has introduced a scrolling feed to provide current dealership news as well as recent inventory updates to all vAuto users. Having a quick snapshot of what is taking place and what needs immediate attention is another effort to assist dealers in managing in real time.