DALLAS – Windsor Group has purchased Windsor Remarketing, a Fort Worth, Texas-based remarketing management company. Their combined menu of services includes skip tracing, repossession management and remarketing management.

As a result of the merger, Windsor Group will also welcome Scott France, a 25-year auto finance industry veteran, to its leadership team.

"From day one, both companies' growth plans included offering more services," says Cliff McCrary, chief executive officer and partner at Windsor Group. "By joining forces with Windsor Remarketing, we provide a seamless client experience. We skip-trace the consumer, locate the vehicle, repossess it, and — instead of returning the collateral to the client — now we can remarket the vehicle and send a check instead. This creates efficiency by streamlining the process for our clients, saving them time, resources and money."

Scott France, chief operating officer and partner at Windsor Group (and former president of Windsor Remarketing), says, "We're introducing a unique concept to the industry — a company owned by its management team, whose sole focus is third-party servicing. This is our bread and butter — our only business. And, because we don't have equity interest in repo agents or auto auctions, we're free to work with only the best. You won't find favoritism here; when it comes to our vendors, price and performance matter most."

The new Windsor Group helps auto lenders, banks, credit unions, dealer groups and investors through:

Skip tracing

• Customer location

• Collateral location

Repossession management

• Verification that repo agents are licensed, bonded and insured

• Recovery management

• Agent scorecards for accountability

Remarketing management

• Auction communication

• Transportation of collateral

• Reconditioning and repair to boost value

• Floor pricing using the latest market research

• Live, in-person representation at auction to bring the best return on collateral

• Online sales to foster buyer interest

• Quick transfer of auction proceeds

Portfolio management

• Title management

• Impound processing

Clients will minimize losses and maximize recoveries by leveraging Windsor Group's loan servicing expertise, scale, nationwide network of top-performing repo agents and auto auctions, advanced technology and software, risk management processes and more.

"Most importantly, we know firsthand what our clients deal with each day. I've walked in their shoes for decades," says France, former portfolio management executive at Triad Financial, AmeriCredit and Omni Financial Services. "In addition to impressive results, we create the most personal, enjoyable client experience possible. You're much more than a number to us."

McCrary adds, "This expansion of services is a preview of what's to come for Windsor Group. We will continue growing our suite of products to give clients the convenience and flexibility they need from a third-party servicer."