SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The Center for International Retail Automotive Standards (CIRAS) has launched its online Used Vehicle Management Certification (UVM). The new program was designed to ensure used-vehicle management professionals bring critical expertise and profitability to their organizations.

CIRAS officals noted that the role of the used vehicle manager has changed dramatically over the years. These professionals are tasked with making decisions that can swing profits thousands of dollars in one direction or the other, often without realizing how their actions affect their dealership's bottom line.

"There are many competent used vehicle trainers in the marketplace," said Dr. Robert W. Serum, president and CEO of the Center, "yet our certifications are designed to capture the best practices and to provide assurances of competent management of key competency areas. We believe many top managers will be able to recoup their investment in this certification in a single day."

UVM was developed in collaboration with industry-acclaimed content expert Joe Lescota. The certification measures quality, relevance and rigor through a comprehensive program that reviews key topics such as managing inventory turn; improving profitability; recognizing signs of a troubled inventory;  managing a more profitable used vehicle department, leveraging certified pre-owned and maximizing Internet sales.

"Many used vehicle managers know how to generate gross profit through sales," Lescota said, "but far fewer know how to manage their departments so they contribute to net profit."