PHILADELPHIA — VINtek, a provider of automotive collateral management and direct auto finance services for automotive finance lenders, launched, an interactive, real-time tax, tag and title fee calculator for dealers and lenders.

The tool was previously available only through VINtek’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) lending platform. The Web-based calculator,, is a stand-alone version allowing users outside of the D2C platform access to the tool.

The calculator enables users to estimate the amount of state- and county-specific taxes, registration fees and title fees that may be due for a vehicle purchase or refinancing of a loan. The tool also calculates the monthly payment for an auto loan inclusive of these amounts. offers tax and registration fee calculations for all 51 U.S. jurisdictions.

“This tool has enabled us to bridge the gap between the consumer’s vehicle purchase decision and immediate presentment of purchase and finance documents online,” said Larry Highbloom, president of VINtek. “With tax, tag and title fees easily exceeding 8 percent of the purchase price of a vehicle, the industry needs a real-time tool to help lenders calculate for their customers the complete purchasing cost with these amounts included.”

Using the system, the lender receives the application from the potential borrower and determines the tax, tag and title fees using the Web-based calculator. These fees are then rolled into the total financing amount. In conjunction with VINtek’s, an online auto loan documentation portal, consumers can access and electronically sign documents in real-time.

“We’ve seen funding of a direct-to-consumer auto loan in as little as 27 minutes from approval of the application," said Highbloom.

“There is significant demand from consumers for the ability to verify what their monthly payment amount will be whether they are purchasing from a dealer, another consumer, purchasing a vehicle they are currently leasing or simply refinancing their existing auto loan," said Highbloom. "It is especially important in this economic environment with consumers remaining wary of large purchases, that they know precisely their monthly payment inclusive of all costs before committing to a vehicle purchase.”