TORRANCE, Calif. — F&I and Showroom magazine is proud to announce the selection of Forrest Heathcott, president of JM&A Group and executive vice president of JM Family Enterprises, as a keynote speaker for the 2010 F&I Conference and Expo.

He is scheduled to deliver his address on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 9:50 a.m.

Heathcott's 31-year career in the automotive industry includes a 14-year successful stint with Nissan Motor Corp. He is currently responsible for directing, administering and overseeing the activities relating to JM&A's F&I, warranty products and services operations. He also serves as a member of JM Family's executive management team.

Heathcott also serves as a member of F&I’s Advisory Board, a panel of industry executives, dealers and experts tasked with providing direction and insight related to the 2010 F&I Conference and Expo’s agenda.

Scheduled for Sept. 14-15 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, the 7th annual F&I Conference and Expo will feature an expanded agenda that will address all segments of a dealership’s front-end department.

Additionally, F&I and Showroom magazine created a separate advisory board to provide guidance on the 2010 Vehicle Service Contract Administrators Conference’s agenda.

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