CHICAGO — F&I Administration Solutions LLC has signed Oak Services Inc., its fifth new customer in five months.

Oak Services Inc., which operates from Elmhurst, Ill., as the Oak Group and Administrative Marketing Services, is a provider of dealer F&I products and services. Oak Group will be using F&I Admin’s SCS Auto platform to handle the administration of products such as GAP, etch and limited warranty.

“The future of this industry requires providers to be highly efficient in the administration of their F&I products and at the same time to be electronically connected to their dealers,” said John Peterson, president of Oak Group. “F&I Admin delivers on both of these requirements. For growing businesses like ours, it makes logical and economical sense to streamline the admin process with their comprehensive solution.”

“It is a pleasure to be able to meet the needs of companies like Oak Group,” said David Trinder, CEO of F&I Administration Solutions. “The fact that they are our fifth new customer in five months is a clear indication that the industry is getting healthier, and that F&I Admin is now recognized as the leading solution provider for the administration of F&I products.”

SCS Auto is a fully integrated, Web-based solution built for automotive aftermarket product and service providers to automate and streamline the F&I product administration process.

SCS Auto GAP is the only commercially available system specifically designed to support GAP and similar products.

The SCS Auto suite is also designed to support the administration of vehicle service contracts, prepaid maintenance, appearance protection and more.

In addition to enabling the complete administration of these products, SCS Auto is also broadly connected to other service providers in the industry, including nine menu systems, parts databases, accounting systems and a credit card solution for the efficient payment of claims.

“This all-inclusive solution allows a provider to grow without requiring a corresponding increa­se in administration staff,” added Steve Pearl, president of Oak Group. “In addition, F&I Admin has linked up with numerous other systems within the dealer network and this will allow us to expand the options we can offer dealers in how they work and communicate with us.”