LOS ANGELES — The 7th annual F&I Conference and Expo has added a symposium exclusively for automotive general agents. The event will take place prior to the opening of the F&I Conference and Expo on Monday, Sept. 13, 2010, at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Understanding that general agents are a critical extension of most technology and product providers — acting as both sales representatives and dealer consultants — organizers of the F&I Conference and Expo have created a day-long event focused solely on this underserved segment of the industry. The goal is to provide agents with the latest training techniques, as well as educate them on the latest trends and challenges to help them better serve their dealer customers.

The agent-only event, which will be hosted by Michael Southerland of ProCon Protect & Connect, will kick off with an address from Joe Becker, president and CEO of CNA National Warranty. He will be followed by Ron Reahard’s workshop on “13.3 Ways to Help Dealers Sell More Products. 

The celebrated trainer and president of Reahard and Associates will provide 13.3 ways agents can increase F&I performance, products sales and “dealer delight by delivering more dollars to their dealer customers’ bottom lines.

Also on this year’s agenda is Ron Martin, trainer and president of The Vision of F&I Inc. His workshop, “How Can an Agent Use Technology to Position them as the Preferred Agency in their Marketplace?” will provide techniques on how agency’s can brand and position their sales strategies. Martin will also dive into how sales technology tools can move more units, increase F&I products, and deliver analytics to drive better business decisions.

This first-of-its-kind event will also feature a special lunchtime address by Paul Webb, who will present “Advanced Business Communications – The ABC’s of Building Trust.” Webb’s keynote will be followed by two special panel sessions, which will gather the industry’s top experts to discuss the “Best Reinsurance Solutions” and new “Industry Innovations” -- a panel that will examine the industry’s newest F&I products and dealer technology solutions.

This year’s special Agent Symposium, which will be capped off by a special networking reception, kicks off F&I and Showroom magazine’s annual industry summit, highlight by the publication’s 7th annual F&I Conference and Expo. Agents already signed up for the F&I Conference can register for this one-or-a-kind event for a fee of $99, while those who wish to attend the Agent Symposium alone can do so at a rate of $249.

To register for or to access additional information about the F&I Conference and Expo, visit the Web site at www.Fi-Conference.com or call (800) 576-8788.