CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — Auto/Mate has released a new eBook called, “The Auto Dealer’s 10-Step Guide for a Successful DMS Data Conversion,” which is designed to help dealers set up processes that will reduce complications associated with data conversions, regardless of which DMS vendor the dealer is switching to or from.

“Most dealers have heard a horror story or two about DMS conversions, and they mistakenly think it’s an inevitable part of the process — or that success is solely the responsibility of the DMS vendor,” said Mike Esposito, CEO of Auto/Mate. “Yet with adequate planning there are concrete steps dealers can take to protect their data and make the transition to a new system relatively smooth.”

Top industry experts contribute tips and anecdotes based on consulting experiences with hundreds of dealership clients that have switched DMS vendors. The eBook benefits dealers who have already chosen a new DMS provider, as well as dealers who are considering a change but are hesitant due to fears of losing data, loss of productivity, employee resistance, and other factors often associated with data conversions.

“It’s important to realize that data is not only one of the most valuable assets that a dealership has, but is irreplaceable once lost or destroyed,” said Esposito. “This guide will help dealers identify and successfully convert all the critical data and processes necessary for uninterrupted operations.”

The Auto/Mate eBook is available for a free download at,