FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — RouteOne announced today the availability of its new LeadSync, a complimentary tool that automatically exports customer leads directly to a dealership’s RouteOne integrated DSP.

LeadSync, which can integrate with more than 70 RouteOne-integrated DSP providers, works in tandem with the company’s WebApplyOne leads management tool, as well as any other RouteOne integrated lead provider. This allows any WebApplyOne lead received from the dealer Website to be automatically forwarded to a dealer’s CRM or DSP.

“As the online experience grows, dealers will find a greater need to sync their CRM and DSP tools with leads from WebApplyOne and any other source that is integrated into RouteOne,” said Mike Jurecki, RouteOne CEO. “Eliminating manual effort will provide dealers with a more efficient way to manage and capitalize on their leads.”

Additionally, RouteOne has improved the integration interface for DSPs by enabling the display of the “lead type,” such as contract or lease termination, throughout the lead cycle, allowing dealers to more effectively filter and act upon high priority leads. Metrics on lead performance also can be created, enabling dealers to determine and capitalize on those lead types that are most profitable.