WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J. – BMW Financial Services will now capture customers’ signatures on end-of-lease contracts electronically using Silanis Technology’s e-signature platform and the Apple iPad. 

According to Shaun Bugbee, vice president of sales and marketing for BMW Financial Services, the newest Silanis integration with the iPad for an electronic signature broadens BMW’s reputation as an innovative auto maker.

“We are a company that has always embraced technology,” said Bugbee. “While continuing to look forward and enhance our dealers’ business, we are mindful to draw upon new ways to always place the customer first.”

The company’s partnership with Silanis has allowed BMW Financial Services to create a real-time full solution, where dealers and customers together can perform a final inspection on lease vehicles, utilizing the iPad screen to document any vehicle damage and immediately generate exact notations and proper paperwork.

With newly integrated iPad support, electronic transactions can now be displayed on the iPad versus the sales representative’s computer screen. Silanis’ solution continues to execute the electronic process by presenting all documents and disclosures to customers within a web browser for review, acceptance and e-signing, thereby reducing processing cycle times and costs.

“The agility provided by Silanis’ enterprise, e-signature platform enabled support for the iPad to be quickly added to BMW’s end-of-lease process without ever having to touch the core application that was deployed five years ago,” said Tommy Petrogiannis, CEO and co-founder of Silanis. “This enabled iPad integration to be up and running in under two weeks. No other electronic signature solution on the market provides this level of enterprise flexibility and scalability.”

Silanis’ solution ensures that the correct documents and disclosures are presented to customers in the right order, and that customers sign and initial in all the right places in order to minimize processing errors and downstream risks. The Silanis solution guarantees:

• The end of lease contract is displayed within a web browser for review and signing. Visual cues guide customers to e-sign in all the right places within the document.  

• The document cannot be submitted if it is missing a signature, initial or piece of data. This reduces processing errors and need to contact the customer at a later date to fix the error/omission.

• The document review and signing process is recorded and can be re-played to prove exactly what web pages and documents were presented to customers, and what they agreed to by e-signing.

BMW Financial Services added that the e-signature program will launch in California, Boston and New Jersey.