Ristken Software Services, a provider of software solutions for the automotive industry, has launched a new blog that will address the dynamic challenges facing the industry’s rapid transition to certified DMS relationships for third-party software providers. The new blog, (http://blog.ristken.com), will provide insights and critical updates to help clients and partners maneuver through the changing and challenging landscape of the DMS integration transition. 

During the past few years, the industry has seen dramatic changes related to DMS integration certification with third-party software vendors. Fundamentally, the industry’s move to ensure that only select and approved TPSV’s have access to DMS data necessary to empower their applications has been viewed as both desirable and necessary for the security and integrity of dealership data and for the general well being of the industry.

“We all understand the end-game being long-term stability and reliability that will benefit the entire industry,” stated Matt Twyman, chief executive officer of Ristken Software Services. “However, the implementation phase is complex and extensive requiring clear and comprehensive communication. Our new blog serves toward that purpose as we reinforce our commitment to lead and influence towards the best interests of our clients, partners and the general industry.”  

“We developed the blog as a fact-based, transparent and timely communication resource that would help all parties move together through this challenging phase,” added Patrick DeMarco, president of Ristken Software Services. “Specifically, as Ristken moves from pre-certification towards certification with Reynolds RCI we will continue to be proactive in creating additional tools and solutions towards the mutual goals of our clients.”