McLEAN, VA – NADA University, the comprehensive online education and training resource for auto dealers and their staffs, announces the addition of new complimentary courses conducted by its partner trainers. 

The courses, available at no charge for a limited time to NADA members, are focused on helping dealers and their staffs achieve excellence and build profitability in all areas of the dealership operation, including F&I, sales and service.

NADA University Partners offering this complimentary training include: Ron Reahard, president of Reahard & Associates; Grant Cardone, CEO of The Cardone Group; Don Reed, CEO of DealerPro Training Solutions; Jeff Cowan, president of Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk; and Alan Ram, president and founder of Proactive Training Solutions.

“The most valuable asset for any dealership is a well-trained staff, especially in such a competitive market,” said William Underriner, chairman of NADA’s dealership operations committee. “These trainers are among the best in the business, and we urge every NADA member to take advantage of their expertise to boost performance and profitability.” 

The no-charge courses offered include:

• Ron Reahard 

Topic: F&I; Course: Great VSA Closes ($3,000 Discount Close)

• Grant Cardone:

Topic: Sales; Course: Time Closes (9 chapters)

• Don Reed: 

Topic: Service; Course: How to Achieve 100% Service Absorption

• Alan Ram:

Topic: Phone Management; Course: Phone Ups that Show Up (chapter 1, 7 video segments)

• Jeff Cowan:

Topic: Fixed Operations; Course: The Four Points Walk Around (chapter 1, 4 video segments)

Dealers who have used training programs offered by NADA University Partners have reported strong and measurable results. 

“Over the last two years, we have required 100 percent of our 60-plus finance managers to complete the weekly modules,” said Jason Frampton, vice president of sales and finance for Ken Garff Automotive Group in Salt Lake City, commenting on his experiences with training programs offered by Ron Reahard. “The performance in our group now averages $1,100 or so per car (up from $650). Even with the downturn in the auto business, we have been able to maintain great PVRs and penetrations.”

“We recently met with our lead finance company and they told us that our production was ‘defying gravity’,” Frampton added. 

In addition to the complimentary interactive online courses, one course on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and two on Parts will be launched by NADA University at the convention, and automatically included for current NADAvt subscribers. 

Seven NADA University Partners will also conduct training workshops at the 2011 NADA Convention from February 4-7 in San Francisco. 

For more information on NADA University resources, and all of its training and educational programs, visit: or call (800) 557-6232.