MAITLAND, Fla. — ActivEngage, a provider of live-chat solutions, has launched ActivDashboard, a solution that allows individual dealerships, dealer groups and manufacturers to track all marketing metrics including Website analytics, conversion points, ROI and more, from a single Webpage.

"Dealers can be overwhelmed with data, so we decided to make it simpler for our dealerships to manage and make informed decisions about their online business using our new dashboard. It's as easy as looking at the speedometer or gaslight in your vehicle," said Todd Smith, ActivEngage co-founder and president. "ActivDashboard links all dealership online marketing efforts, from a whole host of vendors and sources, into a comprehensive dashboard display. We have created a single login that enables dealerships to see exactly how their Internet business is performing."

ActivDashboard incorporates all marketing data from live chat, phone, e-mail, third-party lead sources, website analytics and more. The data is then integrated and analyzed to provide dealerships, dealer groups and manufactures advanced business intelligence to create the most effective marketing mix.

ActivDashboard benefits all dealership types, and is especially valuable for dealer groups that need to aggregate individual dealership marketing metrics in one location. This ends the inefficiency of creating and monitoring multiple Excel reports because ActivDashboard puts the most important information into a single, powerful visual display. The data can be viewed from a high level and drilled down to the level of individual shoppers, including contact information.

ActivDashboard's Web Analytics section tracks visitors, entrance pages, referrers, exit pages, browsers and more. Further, the Third Party Leads section reports on traffic and leads from all major third party sites, including, AutoTrader, AutoUSA and others. ActivDashboard will also include separate sections for social media, benchmarks and finance data, all tied into the DMS.