AUSTIN, Texas– IAS, a provider of F&I aftermarket programs, has entered into an agreement with Universal Lenders LLC and can now offer its nationwide network of agents and dealers a financing alternative at the aftermarket point of sale.

The agreement between IAS and Universal Lenders LLC will provide IAS agents and dealerships a financing alternative to lenders not willing to approve ancillary products in vehicle financing. This method of utilizing split financing can help the dealership save an aftermarket sale at a time when every F&I dollar counts.

“The Zero Plan has helped many dealers realize F&I profits that otherwise would have been lost in traditional loan financing,” said Jeff Jacobs founder of Universal Lenders. “IAS and its suite of aftermarket products have a solid reputation in the industry making this partnership a natural fit.”

Founded by a high-volume dealer with six franchises who had been in the business for 20 years, Universal Lenders LLC created “The ZERO Plan” to serve the automotive industry by offering zero percent financing for most F&I products. The benefits of “The ZERO Plan” include helping dealerships increase their aftermarket product sales, providing payment to dealers within seven days with cancellation rates under five percent, and providing a financing option for consumers.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Universal Lenders to provide access to The ZERO Plan for our network of agents and dealers as we believe this will help them advance their aftermarket sales and overall success in a challenging finance market,” said Bob Corbin, president and CEO of IAS. “Our commitment is to provide our agents and dealers with the most complete and comprehensive solutions available to help them achieve optimal success, and ultimately to help them have a true competitive advantage in the F&I office.”

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