BOCA RATON, Fla. — Black Book Online has launched its Activator Complete product, which provides accurate trade-in values and features the Credit Activator, a tool that gives customers an estimated credit score range without asking them to divulge sensitive information, such as their Social Security number or date of birth.

“For years, customers have been getting information online from less credible sources,” said industry expert David Kain of Kain Automotive. “Finally, they can now turn to a company that understands the dealer automotive retail environment for real insight on their credit situation.”

“This extension of our brand is fully aligned with our goal of helping dealers and OEM’s convert anonymous Website traffic into actionable prospects with high conversion rates,” said Tom Cross, president of the Black Book Automotive Group, “As one would expect, we have rigorously tested our credit scoring models and are confident that the accuracy of the ranges generated are worthy of the Black Book name.”

According to a recent study conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Black Book Online, nine out of 10 (91 percent) car buyers say that the information provided by car dealerships should be both more complete and more accurate.

“The study also informed us that 75 percent of consumers think credit scores are important when buying a car, but only 21 percent are willing to give their social security number on a car dealership website,” said Mike McFall, president of Black Book Online. “The addition of Activator Complete not only helps car shoppers become more empowered buyers by providing them with an estimate of their credit score, but also provides dealers with actionable information to help turn those shoppers into buyers.”

Unlike the traditional online application process where customers supply name, social security number and date of birth to get a credit score, the Activator Complete process simply estimates a credit score based on the customer’s answers to 12 personal finance questions. The dealer receives a lead and can contact the customer to arrange a store visit.  Before a financing offer is extended to a customer the dealer conducts a credit review process which includes an independent credit check.

Activator Complete signifies the invention of the “Super Lead” for dealers, collecting information critical to the sales process including make and model of the vehicle the consumer is interested in, their trade-in value and an estimate of a consumer’s credit score. In collecting this information, Black Book Online provides dealers with the highest quality leads, generated directly from a dealer’s own website. And according to an internal study, 40 percent of dealers say these are the best, most actionable leads.

“With car buyers doing their research prior to visiting our dealership, they come in more informed and ready to buy,” said Butch Watson of Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet, a dealer from the Credit Activator pilot program. “It is a definite value-add to our business.”

Mike Maher of Weber Chevrolet in Missouri is seeing more than a lead a day using Credit Activator. “Dealership sales managers need to make the best use of their time and resources, which is why we often rely on leads. But, they have to be the right leads,” he said. “By using this new product, we have received 65 leads and sold 6 cars to date. It helps us by directing us to the right car buyers. This is a great product for your internet department’s tool box.”

For more information and a demonstration on how the Credit Activator product works, visit