SAN FRANCISCO—Izmocars announced that its vehicle photography division, izmostudio, can now provide color-correct, trim-level interior and exterior vehicle images for all online platforms, as well as sharp, high-resolution vehicle animations that work with Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

“Izmostudio has achieved the holy grail of automotive digital marketing — photos that show consumers an image of the exact car that they’ve configured in their vehicle search, rather than unsatisfactory generic exterior/interior images that are neither the correct color nor the trim the shopper is searching for,” said Tej Soni, izmocars president. “In addition, images from izmostudio now enable auto dealers and auto marketers to take advantage of the rich visual and interactive experience provided by iPad and iPhone to enhance their customers’ appreciation for — and likelihood to purchase — their vehicles.”

The izmostudio images are color-correct and trim-correct for both the vehicle’s exterior and interior to ensure that search results and vehicle detail pages match consumer expectations.

“Our mission is to help auto dealers and digital marketers provide the best possible experience for car shoppers, so that those shoppers quickly become buyers,” Soni said. “With this new and unprecedented accuracy in vehicle imagery, as well as our ability to meet the rising demand for vehicle animation that works on Apple mobile devices, we believe that our clients will be able to turn even more online car shoppers into satisfied buying customers.”

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