WAYNE, Pa. — MaximTrak Technologies announced that it experienced a high level of demand for its fully integrated F&I menu system during the first half of 2011 and launched 385 dealers.

The system’s developer attributes its growth to current market conditions and to the success dealers are experiencing with the Web-based system. Clients using the system, according to the company, are realizing more than $200 in additional profit per vehicle sold and a 35-45 percent lift in service contract and GAP revenues.

"We’re very excited by the results our dealers are seeing and the simultaneous increase in demand for our services,” said Jim Maxim Jr., president of MaximTrak. “Dealers told us that what they really need is a process that truly impacts the customer experience at the dealership level, and enables them to replicate that experience on every single transaction. We have fulfilled that need with MaximTrak and provided an application that is fast, easy to use, and integrated into all of the mission critical applications on the sales floor.”

The company provides its clients with a variety of training resources, including a three-day F&I training school for managers about the F&I menu presentation process.    

“The key to the long-term sustainability of our relationships is directly tied to the quality of our product and the support and services that we offer our distribution and dealer partners,” Maxim said.

MaximTrak offers a Web-based platform designed to enhance aftermarket product presentations and drive increases in F&I product sales and customer satisfaction ratings, according to the company. The system integrates with all major DMS providers and the RouteOne credit submission portal.