REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — OPENLANE Inc. announced a free 30-day Buy-Back Guarantee Plus on qualifying purchases to dealers on its U.S. Open Auction throughout August.

Dealers who purchase dealer-consigned and rental inventory on the online auction company’s Website will automatically be enrolled in the Buy-Back Guarantee Plus program.

Buy-Back Guarantee Plus allows dealers to return the vehicle to OPENLANE within 30 days of purchase if they are not satisfied, according to the company. Additionally, dealers who list vehicles for sale on the site will have Buy-Back Guarantee Plus associated with their listings.

The program does not require a post–sale inspection and qualifies 100 percent of the OPENLANE buy fee as reimbursable as well as the first $300 in transport fees as reimbursable.

It covers 100 percent of the vehicle purchase price minus a $500 deductible, with reimbursement of the vehicle purchase price capped at 104 percent of mileage-adjusted Black Book Wholesale National Average price, according to the company. OPENLANE also will continue to offer its standard 10- and 30-day Buy-Back Guarantee programs on remaining vehicles throughout August.

In addition to the free 30-day Buy-Back Guarantee Plus program, OPENLANE will be offering 25 percent off transportation fees, $30 third-party inspections and free third-party inspections for dealers throughout the month of August.

For more information and terms for the Buy-Back Guarantee Plus offer or for the transport and TPI offerings during the month of August, visit