MISSION VIEJO, Calif. —  BlueYield Inc., a consumer auto finance lending exchange, has partnered with Endorsed Insurance Markets LLC to launch an auto refinance offer that will be distributed to consumers via smart phone.

"Mobile advertising through smart phones represents an exciting new channel to distribute our products and services," said Doug Bower, BlueYield executive vice president of business development. "We believe that smart phones will continue to revolutionize the way in which products are advertised, researched and purchased. We want to be part of that revolution. It’s a powerful way for us to get our auto refinance message to consumers."

In addition to auto purchase, lease buyout, and private party loans, BlueYield offers auto refinance loans and can include cash out based on an applicant’s credit and equity in the vehicle.

"Endorsed Insurance Markets is actively testing auto insurance product distribution through mobile banner advertising with very good results," said Jaimie Pickles, Endorsed Insurance Markets CEO. "An auto refinance offer is a logical extension of the value message we have been testing with consumers."