JERSEY CITY, N.J. — xyzmo’s e-signature platform is now available as a free app. Called SIGNificant, the app allows Apple iPad users to capture an e-signature on any PDF document. An internet connection is required, as the documents are processed online on xyzmo servers.

Users can download the app from the iTunes Store, open a PDF or e-mail attachment they want to e-sign on the iPad and use the touchscreen to sign the document with a digitized handwritten signature. Once e-signed, the document can be emailed to a user-chosen recipient or stored on the iPad.

The recipient of a signed PDF can then verify the signature and content integrity of the PDF anywhere at any time with the free Adobe Reader, according to xyzmo.

Company’s also can utilize the xyzmo infrastructure and launch their own e-signature offering, as well as apps based on the company’s technology, according to the company. In addition to the iPad, the infrastructure supports e-signing on Android devices, traditional signature pads from various manufacturers and electronic signatures for Web transactions.

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