DALLAS — Bruce Thompson, former CEO and founder of American Auto Exchange (AAX), announced that he will be launching a new inventory management system called RedBumper.

Arriving in October, Dallas-based RedBumper offers a comprehensive suite of tools that range from real-time appraisal decision support to instant Web distribution, listing and pricing from a smartphone, tablet or portal, according to the company. The system is a smartphone-centric platform that integrates with tablets and desktop applications.

“The bottom line is that we believe we can deliver a product to the market that gives dealers the tools they will actually use,” Thompson said. “The system is so intuitive that dealers will be installed and making much better acquisition and pricing decisions within minutes.”

RedBumper has been piloting components of its system via a private label partnership since February, according to the company.

“We wanted to test our tools in the real world while keeping things under the radar at the same time,” Thompson said. “The private label strategy has allowed us to accomplish that goal.”

For more information, visit www.redbumper.com.