OVERLAND PARK, Kan., ― NCM Associates and Jeff Cowan’s PRO TALK are making a complimentary presentation available to NCM’s automobile dealer clients.  The Web-based presentation, “Discover the 5 Sales Techniques Service Advisors Can Use to Increase Revenue NOW,” is being delivered in conjunction with NCM’s Expert Insights program to assist dealers facing vehicle inventory challenges.

“[The presentation] is designed to equip the service team to sell more and more effectively on the service drive, and will have a meaningful impact on our clients’ profitability as they deal with this challenging environment,” said Paul Faletti, president and CEO of NCM Associates. “We are pleased to be strategically aligned with Jeff Cowan’s PRO TALK workshops, and I appreciate his additional support of our clients by making this complimentary presentation available to them.”

The program’s techniques are taken from Cowan’s PRO TALK Service Advisor Training workshops but are being made available in a condensed online presentation exclusively for NCM. According to Cowan, the service advisor training techniques are straightforward and easy to implement and will create a sales culture throughout the service department.