PORTLAND, Ore. — Chrome Data Solutions LP announced the release of Automotive Description Service (ADS) 7.0, along with a new basic description version of the web-based service. ADS 7.0 features performance improvements, vehicle coverage for both US and Canadian vehicles back to 1981, and add-on modules for expanded images and medium- and heavy-duty vehicle descriptions.

The basic ADS version will deliver pared-down vehicle information that is ideal for quick inventory listings, vehicle validation and verification and data normalization, according to the company. Customers may add additional modules, including Canadian data and vehicle images via integration with Chrome Data's Image Gallery.

The full ADS version will include all of the basic data, as well as content such as model code, original EPA fuel rating, original base prices, standard equipment, optional equipment, option codes, prices and extended descriptions. Some of the other options include full OEM exterior color codes, body type, torque, dimensions, weight, warranty information and region-specific styles and models.

"By enhancing the full ADS solution and introducing a new pared-down version, we are meeting the VIN-decoding needs of a wide variety of customers," said Robin Goodyer, director of product management and sales of Chrome Data Solutions. " The beauty is that our customer gets to choose how deep they want to dive into the details, so ADS provides what the customer needs instead of a one-size fits all approach."

Customers of the full ADS version also will have the option of adding on images via Chrome Data's Image Gallery and data for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, according to the company. Data for additional vehicle types, such as motorcycles, RVs and sportcraft, will be available later this year.

For more information, visit www.chrome.com.