EVERETT, Mass. — Forty percent of lease customers choose to buy Honda Cars of Boston’s prepaid maintenance plan, called Honda Guys Care, when presented with it in the F&I office. Now, Honda Cars of Boston is private labeling its UltraCare PrePaid Maintenance services through MediaTrac, an automotive loyalty and retention program provider.

“Selling prepaid maintenance plans in F&I to lease customers is all about retention – keeping them returning to Honda Cars of Boston for ongoing service and their next vehicle acquisition,” said Honda Cars of Boston’s General Manager, Dean Talley.

Talley said that because his lease customers don’t expect to incur ownership costs outside of their lease payments, Honda Guys Care offers them an upfront way to roll future maintenance costs into their lease payments. “The plan lets us deliver a hassle-free ownership experience at Honda Cars of Boston,” Talley said.

The plan, which is sold at cost, covers filter and fluid changes, tire rotations and one set of wiper blades, as well as other routine maintenance services required by American Honda Motor Company Inc. A finance manager earns $50 for each plan sold.

Dealer-branded plans like Honda Guys Care ensure that the dealership’s customers return to their issuing dealership to redeem their plan services.

Because UltraCare is a web-based technology, it enables the dealership to create, manage and market its own in-house prepaid maintenance plans.